Our New Blue Prohibition Gin

Our long-awaited Blue Prohibition Gin is infused with Blue Pea Flowers & Fine Botanicals.

Prohibition Blue Gin is the latest addition to the range of award-winning gins from Silver Creek Craft Distillery in Gauteng.
True to its form, it landed a Gold Award at the prestigious SA Woman’s Wine & Spirit Awards 2019.


The upfront Juniper and citrus notes are subtly supported by the intriguing presence of the Blue Pea flower which gives our Gin its striking blue colour.

In traditional medicine the Blue Pea flower (Clitoria Tetnatea) is said to hold aphrodisiac and antioxidant powers, amongst other life enhancing properties. Softened with a hint of Rose Water we are proud to add this little gem to our
range of Prohibition Gins.

Add a good tonic and see the blue turn to a delicious, sparkling pink colour!

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